Minutes and Agendas

The Parish Council holds Ordinary Meetings six times a year, bimonthly on the second Tuesday of the month. The Annual Parish Council Meeting takes place in May, preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting. All meetings take place at Low Hesket Village Hall and commence at 7.30pm. Extraordinary Meetings may be called to address urgent matters. In the current financial year (2019-2020), meetings will be held on May 14th, July 9th, September 10th, November 12th, January 14th and March 10th.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on  March 10th, 2020. 

Agendas will be made available on this website and on Parish noticeboards at least three clear days before meetings are due to take place. Draft minutes will be published within one month of meetings, to be confirmed at the following Parish Council Meeting.

Below are the Minutes and Agendas of meetings of Hesket Parish Council. Please click on the links to open.

Financial YearMeeting DateAgendaMinutes
2019/2020Janaury 14th, 2020January 2020, Agenda
2019/2020November 12th, 2019November 2019, AgendaNovember 2019 Minutes
September 10th, 2019September 2019 AgendaSeptember 2019 Minutes
July 9th, 2019July 2019 AgendaJuly 2019 Minutes
May 14th, 2019Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda May 2019Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes May 2019
2018/2019Annual Parish Meeting
Annual Parish Meeting Agenda May 2019Annual Parish Meeting Minutes May 2019 (unconfirmed)
March 12th, 2019March 2019 AgendaMarch 2019 Minutes
January 8th, 2019January 2019 AgendaJanuary 2019 Minutes
November 13th, 2018November 2018 Agenda November 2018 Minutes
September 11th, 2018September 2018 AgendaSeptember 2018 Minutes
July 10th, 2018July 2018 AgendaJuly 2018 Minutes
May12th, 2018Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2018 AgendaAnnual Parish Council Meeting May 2018 Minutes
2017/2018Annual Parish MeetingAnnual Parish Meeting May 2018 Minutes
March 13th, 2018March 2018 Agenda March 2018 Minutes
January 9th, 2018January 2018 AgendaJanuary 2018 Minutes
November 14th, 2017November 2017 AgendaNovember 2017 Minutes
September 12th, 2017September 2017 AgendaSeptember 2017 Minutes
July 11th, 2017July 2017 AgendaJuly 2017 Minutes
May 9th, 2017Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2017 AgendaAnnual Parish Council Meeting May 2017 Minutes
2017/2016Annual Parish Meeting
Annual Parish Meeting May 2017 Minutes
March 14th, 2017March 2017 AgendaMarch 2017 Minutes
January 10th, 2017January 2017 AgendaJanuary 2017 Minutes
November 8th, 2016November 2016 AgendaNovember 2016 Minutes
September 13th, 2016September 2016 AgendaSeptember 2016 Minutes
July 12th, 2016July 2016 AgendaJuly 2016 Minutes
May 10th, 2016Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2016 AgendaAnnual Parish Council Meeting May 2016 Minutes




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