Hesket Pathwatch

If you’ve been doing a lot more walking locally recently (like most of us have) then you might have come across a path which is obstructed for some reason, or perhaps the way has disappeared due to lack of recent use. You might even have found a bridge which collapsed during storm Desmond and still hasn’t been reinstated, like the one at Barrock Park/Mellguards. ( See Footpath 328008 (Mellguards, Southwaite) )

What can we do about it? We’ve decided to create an informal group, to record footpath and bridleway issues within the parish. Hopefully we will be able to politely and gently prod Cumbria County Council and Eden District Council into performing their duties with regard to these routes and get them re-opened.

If you want to ask us some questions about where you can walk, or where is the correct route through some fields, please get in touch: hesketpathwatch@gmail.com

Of course, it would be helpful if you also agree to sign our letters urging the authorities to act!


David Scurrah         ARMATHWAITE WARD

Vivien Waugh         SOUTHWAITE WARD