Applications and Decisions

Planning decisions for Hesket Parish are taken by Eden District Council. Under The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015, Parish Councils are statutory consultees with regards to planning applications within their Parish. Following recent changes to Eden District Council’s Planning Code of Conduct, only those comments concerning Material Planning Considerations will be taken into account before decisions are reached. For a detailed list of Material Planning Considerations, please follow this link – Material Planning Considerations.

Eden District Council officially adopted the Eden Local Plan 2014 – 2032 on October 11th, 2018. The Eden Local Plan sets planning policies for the District against which planning applications will be assessed as well as allocating land for various uses, including housing developments across the District. For a copy of the plan please follow this link – Eden Local Plan. Policy maps can be accessed here – Eden Local Plan Policy Maps. Following the 2019 local election, the new Eden District Council administration have committed to reviewing the Local Plan by 2023 as part of their approved Council Plan, details of which can be found on their website here – Eden Council Plan.

As the planning authority, Eden District Council has a duty to investigate reported breaches of planning regulation. Details of their Local Enforcement Plan can be found here – Eden Local Enforcement Plan. If you wish to report a possible breach of planning control, this can be done online using this report form, by email at or in writing to Planning Services, Eden District Council, Mansion House, Friargate, Penrith, CA11 7YG.

Details of past and present planning applications are available at Eden District Council’s website here – Planning Register.

Planning Applications

Below is a list of planning applications affecting the Parish currently open to comment. Full details and supporting documents for applications can be found by clicking on the linked planning numbers in the table.

Planning NumberBrief DescriptionClosing date for Comment
20/0352Beck House, Southwaite, CA4 0PY. Replacement agricultural building.July 1, 2020
20/0372Beck House, Southwaite, CA4 0PY. Proposed roof over existing midden.July 14, 2020
20/0366Monkcastle Farm, Southwaite, CA4 0PZ. Proposed new pig finishing house on existing piggery.July 14, 2020

All comments can be passed to the Parish Clerk using the contact form on this site or by email at

Recent Planning Decisions

Below is a list of the most recent planning decisions affecting the Parish. Decision notices can be viewed by clicking the linked planning numbers in the table. For a full list of all planning decisions affecting the Parish from April 2019 - March 2020, please click here - Hesket Parish Planning 2019-2020.

Planning NumberBrief DescriptionDecision
20/0147Birkthwaite Mews, Wreay, CA4 0RZ. Part retrospective change of use from agricultural field to domestic use
and siting of 2 storage buildings.
20/0208Monks House, Plumpton, CA11 9NS. Proposed covered silage pit.GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/0192Holly Cottage, High Hesket, CA4 0HU. Summer House in front garden.GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/0002Beck House Poultry Unit, Southwaite, CA4 0PY. Retrospective planning application for 3no. biomass boiler sheds and 2no. pellet storage bins as shown on attached plans and drawings.GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/0001Beckstones Farm, Southwaite, CA4 0PY. Retrospective application for 4 no. Biomass boiler sheds and 3 no. pellet storage bins.GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/0145Thackwood Farmhouse, Southwaite, CA4 0PZ. Proposed two storey and single storey extension.GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/0120Causeway House, Carleton, Carlisle, CA4 0DA. Variation of condition 2 (plans compliance) to re-position the silage
clamp, attached to approval 19/0800.
GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/0095Romanway Farm, Plumpton, CA11 9NS. Extension to existing livestock buildings.GRANTED - subject to conditions
20/00523 Barrow Mill Cottages, Southwaite, CA4 0LX. Conversion of mill building to dwelling.GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0873Land adjacent to The Limes, Fieldhead, Calthwaite. Change of use to form holiday lodge park and access.GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0849Southwaite Hill, Southwaite, CA4 0EW. Listed building consent for replacement of bay window frames to front.GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0809Boggle Hall, Plumpton, CA11 9NP. Widening of existing access and reduction in floorspace of agricultural
building to enable access changes.
GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0836Croft View, Low Hesket, CA4 0EU. Proposed two storey side extension.GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0825Calthwaite Hall, Calthwaite. CA11 9QU. Erection of orangery.GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0800Causeway House, Carelton, Carlsile, CA4 0DA. Demolition of existing barns and construction of new silage clamp and
wash facilities.
GRANTED - subject to conditions
19/0813Plot 29, Coopers Close, High Hesket, Carlisle, CA4 0JH. Change of bungalow design from previous approval 16/0652.GRANTED - subject to conditions