Highways Maintenance

Report a highways issue directly to Cumbria County Council


Highways maintenance within Cumbria is the responsibility of Cumbria County Council.

Once reported, highways issues are categorised and dealt with accordingly. A range of issues fall into category one problems. These can vary from fallen trees to road traffic accidents which will be dealt with immediately, to pot holes greater than 100mm, which are aimed to be assessed within 24 hours. Less urgent problems will be dealt with accordingly.

A map of current and upcoming road works can be accessed here –Roadworks Map.

A map of first and second priority routes for gritting during icy weather can be found here – Gritting Map. Cumbria County Council will update this page during winter months, as weather information becomes available.

Road Issues can be reported to the Cumbria County Council Hotline either by telephone on 0300 303 2992 or using the online Report Form.

Alternatively, if you would like Hesket Parish Council to report problems within the Parish, please contact us by email at clerk@hesket.org.uk.

Under the section 96 of the Highways Act 1980, Hesket Parish Council does assumes limited responsibility for the maintenance of some grassed areas of the public highway within the Parish, as well as for the cost of planting, to improve and maintain the local area. Details of payments in this financial year can be found below. For a full list of all payments since April 2013, please click here – Hesket Parish Council Highways Payments April 2013 – March 2020

Highways 2020-2021

N RuddickGrass cutting - Armathwaite, High Hesket, Plumpton£775.00
E ScottGrass cutting - Southwaite£65.00