Footway Lighting

Report a problem with footway lighting

As of September 19th 2018, Hesket Parish Council has assumed full responsibility for footway lighting in the Parish. The Council has adopted a total of forty-seven lights, as detailed in the schedule below. Eden District Council will be replacing these with LED lights by 2022, which will be more sustainable in the longer term. All other lights in the Parish will continue to be repaired, if economical, by the District Council until 2022, after which point they will no longer be maintained.

Please use the above link to report any issues.

A copy of the agreement can be found here.

Schedule of Lights

Light 1 Outside 3 Castle Mount, Armathwaite
Light 2 Outside Kilchoman, Armathwaite
Light 3 Outside Glen Artney, Armathwaite
Light 5 Outside Holm Lea, Armathwaite
Light 6 Outside Post Office, Armathwaite
Light 7 Outside White House, Armathwaite
Light 8 Opposite Dukes Head Inn, Armathwaite
Light 9 One the North side of the bridge, Armathwaite
Light 10 On the Ainstable side of the bridge, Armathwaite
Light 13 Outside High Eden, Armathwaite
Light 14 Outside school, Armathwaite
Light 15 Footway school side of railway bridge, Armathwaite
Light 16 Entrance to Station Cottages, Armathwaite

Light 1 Outside Ronaldsway, Calthwaite
Light 3 Outside 5 Bracken Court, Calthwaite
Light 4 Opposite the Church at road junction, Calthwaite
Light 5 Outside 7 Bracken Court, Calthwaite
Light 7 Outside Calthwaite Hall Lodge, Calthwaite
Light 8 Opposite 3 Dixon Court, Calthwaite
Light 9 Opposite Old Post Office, Calthwaite
Light 11 Outside 5 Pennine Way, Calthwaite

Light 1 Outside High Hesket School
Light 2 Outside Wythburn, High Hesket
Light 5 Outside the Sycamores, High Hesket
Light 6 Stonecraft Gardens, High Hesket
Light 7 Outside Sandraise, High Hesket

Light 2 Outside Townhead, Ivegill
Light 3 Outside Herb Farm, Ivegill

Light 1 Outside 2 Council Houses, Low Hesket
Light 2 Outside 3 Mill Bank, Low Hesket
Light 3 Outside Smithy Cottage, Low Hesket
Light 4 Outside 7 Farriers Way, Low Hesket
Light 5 Outside Croft End, Low Hesket
Light 6 Outside 5 High Bell Garth, Low Hesket
Light 7 Opposite Village Hall, Low Hesket
Light 15 Outside 1 Forge Court, Low Hesket

Light 1 Outside 14 Brockley Moor, Plumpton
Light 2 Outside 1 Besckside House, Plumpton
Light 3 Outside Romanlea, Plumpton
Light 4 Outside Romane, Plumpton
Light 5 Outside Brockley Moor House, Plumpton
Light 6 Outside Fairfield, Plumpton
Light 7 Outside Appleacre, Plumpton
Light 10 Near to 1 Petteril Terrace, Plumpton
Light 11 Outside 1 Byrnes Place, Plumpton

Light 4 Outside 5 Barrock Close, Southwaite
Light 5 Rear of 1 Barrock Close, Southwaite