Welcome to Hesket Parish

  • Armathwaite Station

Hesket Parish Council serves the communities on and around the A6 between Carlisle and Penrith, Cumbria. The Council consists of three electoral wards, each represented by five Parish Councillors. Armathwaite consists of the villages of Armathwaite, Aiketgate, High Hesket and Low Hesket, Calthwaite ward the villages of Calthwaite and Plumpton, and Southwaite ward the village of Southwaite, and parts of the villages of Ivegill and Wreay.

Also known as Hesket-in-the-Forest, the Parish is believed to have been in existence since the fourteenth century. The civil Parish was officially formed in 1894, with the passing of the Local Government Act, and was expanded in 1934 by the absorption of the Parish of Plumpton Wall.

The Parish Council represents the interests of local people, helping to provide local amenities such as a Play Area in Armathwaite, public seating and maintaining open spaces, and has recently taken on responsibility for Footway Lighting. The Council also awards grants to help the local community, and represents local interests with regard to planning and development within the Parish.




Photographs are reproduced with the kind permission of Martin and Jean Norgate of lakesguides.co.uk