Footpath 328008 (Mellguards, Southwaite)

During the 2015 floods in Cumbria, a bridge over the River Pettril that serves as part of Public Right of Way 328008 between Mellguards and Barrock Park was severely damaged. Following a risk assessment by Cumbria County Council, the bridge has been declared unsafe and is currently closed, in need of repair. In the aftermath of the floods the County Council undertook work to repair damaged bridges and footpaths in the County; work that is still ongoing. This particular bridge has been assigned a low priority, and will not be repaired until 2022 at the earliest.

The Parish Council has written to the County Council to ask that they re-prioritise this bridge. It provides a valuable link between the communities of Southwaite and Low Hesket, allowing residents to access bus services to Carlisle and Penrith on the A6. The footpath itself is also a local amenity, and provides a link to the historical ‘Millers Way’ footpath from the A6. The Parish Council is asking residents who would like to see the restoration of this footpath to write directly to Cumbria County Council, asking that they re-prioritise the repair of the bridge.

Letters should be sent to the following address:

Countryside Access Officer
Countryside Management Team
Regulatory Services
Economy and Highways
Cumbria County Council
Skirsgill Depot
CA10 2BQ

Or by email at